ConSensus IND range DIN rail modules

CPC-02: dual channel pulse counter.

dual channel counter module with galvanically insulated inputs, programmable threshold voltages, polarity and pulse fault detection. Very suitable for high precision calibration of e.g. gas and flow meters. Several CPC-02 counter modules can share a common clock and synchronized start/stop signals, to eliminate any difference between the time measurement of the standard and the DUT. Utilizes full pulse measurement to exactly determine the duration of the pulse trains.

CPC-02 Technical manual

CPC-02 Modbus manual

CMA-02: Multi Analog input/output interface.

The ConSensus CMA-02 is a combined analog input and output module. It features:

  • three inputs for 0-20mA or 4-20mA, galvanically insulated from the power supply.
  • temperature sensor connection for Pt-100 (2, 3 or 4 wire) or thermocouple (B, E, J, K, N, S, and T).
  • a fully insulated loop powered 4-20mA analog output.

CMA-02 Technical manual

CMA-02 Modbus manual

CCF-02: current to frequency convertor.

CCF-02 converts 0-20mA analog to 0-1000Hz digital. It features one very stable, fully isolated current measurement (16 bit ADC), and a digitally controlled, opto-coupled switching output.
It is by default a stand-alone device, but can communicate through RS485 with a host controller to read the current and to force a fixed output frequency.

CCF-02 Technical manual
(includes modbus specification)

EPT-02: EC/pH/T module.

Combines a high impedance input suitable for pH-sensors and ion-sensitive probes with a versatile electric conductivity (EC) input, for 2 and 4 ring EC-sensors and a temperature sensor input (Pt-100 or thermocouple). This combination is ideal for measurement of water quality, Redox, Hardness (Calcium), Potassion, Nitrate, Chlorine, Ammonia and Dissolved Oxygen. Three outputs 24V 1A allow for alarms from buzzers and lamps, or to control a pump to refresh the water.

CGL-02 GPS location logger:

Designed for mobile data loggers, this Sirf-3 GPS logger comes with an external Navilock GPS antenna and build-in rechargeble batteries that allow it to periodically trace its position for up to 1 week of travel, without external power supplied. The output can directly be transferred to a digital map such as Google Maps or Googls Earth to visualize the route. The module records UTC date and time, longitude, latitude and speed.

CMT-02 Electric motor controller module:

The ConSensus CMT-02 has two full H-bridges of 24V 4A each. The module can be used to drive 2 DC motors forward and reverse, or to drive a single stepper motor. The driver can be programmed for PWM drive and microstepping. It also contains 4 inputs to build a complete motor drive. These inputs can be used to connect end-switches, an optical tacho meter and a switch for manual operation or emergency stop.